I'm Jeremy Rose. I make games. Here are some of them.


Itty Bitty Citty is a PICO-8 city-builder game inspired by Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language.

Made in a week while on vacation in Australia in February of 2018.

Polarity is a puzzle platformer with no jumping.

Made in 48 hours in April of 2012, for Ludum Dare #23. The theme was "SMALL WORLD".

Standoff is game #2 of a one-game-a-week sprint. Remove arrows from the grid to leave two arrows pointing at each other with some space in between. Chain for double points!

Made in about 6 hours in March of 2012.

Ponk is game #1 of a one-game-a-week sprint. I wanted to explore how adding a realistic(-ish) physics engine would affect the game of Pong. It turns out: not that much, but I still got to play around with some interesting tweaks. I think there's a lot more that can be done in this framework.

Made in about 6 hours in February of 2012.

Tanks A Lot was made in the latter 16 hours of #ggj2012. The theme was the Ouroboros: the snake eating its tail. To play Tanks A Lot is to do better than yourself.

Made in collaboration with Joseph Gentle, music CC licensed by trash80.

The thoughtfully named Hex was inspired by patterns of tiles on a bathroom floor and an overactive imagination in 2010. Place tiles to control the most territory: but you can't place tiles within 1 hex of an enemy.